We work, as a distributive company, but mainly we give Agent and Representative Service. Operating in such method, we can attain the much more sales.
  To make you better understanding let us to explain in which way we usually do the business.

There are several types of work of Agents.
Simple trade Agents bring goods to the end-consumers and ask them to buy it. For example: cosmetics, insurance, home apply goods or something else.
  If acts in this way Agent can sell around 30-80pcs a month start from the second month without problem. But not much more even later. We work in absolutely different way and act as Exclusive Representative Agent. It's another level of the work and of the business.
We work behind the name of Manufacturer.
We don't visit the end-customers and sell them nothing.
We build canals of selling:
- to find the biggest wholesale Companies on the market,
- to promote them products of Manufacturer,
- to convince them to act as  the distributor of Manufacturer (do the import and wholesale),
- to help the Manufacturer to conclude the direct contracts with Distributors,
- to help the Distributor to find a Dealers (smaller  wholesale Companies which do not the import),
- to develop general rules for all of Companies, as for example the recommended retail prices, and watch after their observance.
- to do the general advertising trough web-site, magazines, exhibitions, ....
- to do the guaranty service.

We engage so many companies in sales, as it is possible.
In addition, we ourselves begin to operate as a distributor.
Among Distributor and Dealer Companies there are some Companies which have right contacts in governmental organizations and take part in tenders of buying equipment for governmental educational programs.
Operating by such method we had excellent results.

We offer our professional Represent services and Agent services in Ukraine and CIS countries. We provide wholesales through Distributor (Importer) companies, Wholesaler and Retailer companies. We provide promotion of your samples and products, guarantee service. We recruit Agents and Sales Representatives (Sales Reps), manufacturers’ representatives.