Special offer

Our Agency receives up to ten proposals every day from foreign Companies operating in various fields.
We are attentive to each of them but unfortunately we cannot thoroughly examine all the proposals, and even more so in practice to assess their prospects in the Ukrainian market.
For this reason, we developed a special offer for companies that believe in their products (services) and are interested in the Ukrainian market.

We offer a trial period for both sides.
During three months for a really small fee we will perform for you the following:
- To search for potential distributors and transfer their contact to you;
- To demonstrate (or transfer) samples of your products and promotional materials to local Distributors (Importers), as well as informing them about the terms and prices;
- To collect information on the market of these products, to perform benchmarking.
If a trial period will go well our Agency will continue work on commission basis.
Depending on the type of product and the wishes of you the trial period can be prolonged.